SILICA has delivered the first two purification plants for 100MW electrolysers. Both purification plants using the patented HyBOOST® process for the adsorber regeneration.

SILICA purification plants are basically characterised by a very large operating window between 10% and 100% of the specified flow rate. High reliability and purity are guaranteed for all operating points. Regeneration of the adsorbent remains problematic at low flow rates, since the necessary desorption energy must be introduced with a minimum volume flow of regeneration gas, which, however, is not available during partial load operation of the electrolysis

The gas boosters of the HyBOOST® process fully decoupling the regeneration process from the operation of the electrolyser, so that the adsorbers can be regenerated even when the electrolyser is switched off. Regeneration always takes place under the same optimum conditions, regardless of the operation of the electrolyser. Since regeneration with the HyBOOST® process can always be fully completed even after the electrolyser is switched off, specification-compliant, saleable hydrogen is produced immediately after the electrolyser is switched back on.