Solvent Recovery

The purification of waste air by adsorption is especially suitable for reducing organic contaminations to very low residual concentrations. Generally the recovered solvents can be re-used. Due to decades of experience Silica is in a position to process also special substances and combinations of substances.

Activated Carbon Plants with Steam Regeneration
This is the classical process with solvent recovery. We manufacture plants up to a capacity of 300,000 m³/h. For chlorinated hydrocarbons, e.g. dichloromethane, we have built several plants which achieve residual contents of less than < 20 mg/m³.


Activated Carbon Plants
Regenerated with Inert Gas During the purification of dry waste gas streams the recovered solvents can be kept free of water with inert gas regeneration.


Pressure Swing plants (PSA)
Regeneration by variations in pressure, partly in vacuum. These plants are often used in tank farms as second stage downstream of a membrane plant.

Additionally, we supply:

Waste water purification by air or steam stripping
Regeneration of recovered solvents by rectification
Auxiliary plants, such as cooling towers, steam generators, etc.

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