Removal of Mercury and CO2

This procedure is typically used for the removal of O2, H2, CO or hydrocarbons from process gases. In addition, our special procedure is suitable for the removal of CO2 or methanol.

Fine purification of process gases with noble metal catalysts, e.g. removal of O2, H2, CO, hydrocarbons. Normal inlet concentration 0.01 ... 2%. Residual content less than 1 ppmv. Gas capacity up to 150,000 Nm³/h, operating pressure 1 ... 250 bar


Fine purification of process gases with a copper contact, e.g. removal of O2, H2 or CO. The purification takes place by oxidation or reduction of the copper contact, thus the purified process gas contains no reaction gas. Residual content of O2 and H2 in the purified gas of less than 1 ppmv


Removal of contaminations by adsorption with molecular sieves, e.g. CO2 from air, methanol from CO2, or with impregnated activated carbon, e.g. H2S from CO2 or Hg from process gases

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