Drying of Synthesis Gas

Nearly all gases can be dried by adsorption. Dew points of less than -80 °C can be achieved. Our customers benefit from our extensive know-how in process technology resulting from the sales of more than 5,000 plants we have planned and built.
Besides the dehydration of air and gases our plants can also be used for the removal of other components.

Atmospheric air
Our main focus lies on the required residual humidity of less than -30 ... -80 °C at each throughput.


Compressed air
Our main focus here lies on plants with throughput capacities from 5,000 Nm³/h up to 100,000 Nm³/h. Residual humidity less than -20 ... -80 °C. By using compression heat the drying process is highly energy-saving.


In addition to the usual process gases like N2, O2, H2 and CO2 we have also dried gases like SO2, H2S, NH2, HCl, Acetylene, Vinylbromide etc. by adsorption. Capacity 10 ... 250,000 Nm³/h at operating pressures of 1 ... 500 bar. Residual humidity less than 1 ppmv.

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