We deliver adsorption agents of all kinds for the whole variety of possible applications. Based on decades of experience we are specialists in adsorption technology and you can expect
extraordinary quality.

Aluminiumoxide Gel (activated Alumina) (1)
Used like Silica Gel, but immune to alkaline contaminations like NH³ or KOH

Activated Carbon (2)
For the purification of waste gas and waste air, available in different qualities

Molecular Sieves (3)
Drying of air, gases and liquids to residual humidity of less than 1 ppmv. Removal of contaminations from gases by adsorption

Silica Gel (4)
Bead desiccant for drying of air and gases. Generally up to residual humidity corresponding
to dew point -65 °C

Type N: high water adsorption capacity
Type WS: water resistant Silica-Gel, used as a buffer
Type Orange: with an indicator, color change during water adsorption


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