Berndorf AG

Berndorf a brief explanation

Berndorf AG is a holding company of highly-specialized industrial firms. Their products and services cater for niche markets in particular and their specialist know-how makes them global market leaders in their areas.

Our customers, coming from a wide variety of sectors such as the automotive and automotive supplier industry, the wood and furniture industry, the chemical and food industry, the electronics industry, local authorities and utilities, trust us not least because of our international network.

The subsidiaries of the Berndorf Group employ approximately 2,560 people in more than 20 countries all over the world

Innovation in the sign of the bear

Berndorf AG is a group of companies operating in the fields of metalworking, toolmaking and mechanical engineering. Founded in 1843 in the Austrian town of Berndorf, the Berndorf Group today comprises over 60 companies with manufacturing and service organisations in more than 20 countries.

Berndorf Group companies enjoy a strong position in their niche markets and are amongst the "hidden champions" of the German and Austrian export sectors. International and export sales now account for 90% of group sales.

After the management buy-out of the formerly state-owned Berndorf AG, a strategy of acquisitions and corporate restructurings completed the successful and sustained transition to a profitable company with a robust financial structure.

With a workforce of approximately 2,560, Berndorf AG achieved sales revenues of EUR 498 million in 2013.


The companies in the Berndorf Group focus on the high-tech segment of metal working.

The competencies of our staff comprise all those skills that are required to manufacture our high-tech niche products, i.e.: levelling, grinding, welding, polishing, texturing and chrome-plating with the greatest precision and extremely low tolerances; designing, building and projecting machinery and plants for innovative process technologies as well as injection moulding, thermoforming, coating and cabling.

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